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Soil & Water Analysis

Sports Turf Solutions only use accredited laboratories based in the USA for all their testing and analysis services through Harris Laboratories (Analync) and Turf Diagnostics.

  • Analync Test (Chemical, Physical and Biological Characteristics)
  • Analync Water Test - Turf Diagnostic USGA Testing.
  • Turf Diagnostic Bunker Sand Evaluations.
  • Disease Testing (AVA Laboratory, Singapore)
  • Nematode Testing (AVA Laboratory, Singapore)

This unique combination of soil testing gives a very 3 Dimensional look at exactly what the problems are associated with your course.

All soil reports are provided with a comprehensive report and recommendations from one of our trained agronomists.

For a soil or water report, please fill in the form below and one of our staff in your region will get back to you.

Soil & Water Analysis