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SandTrapper SL

A High Loft Alternative

Sandtrapper SL is a newer product style that was designed as a direct, comparative product -- for instances when competitive products incorrectly pair their "best" products against Sandtrapper II and Sandtrapper MD.

SandTrapper SLThe "high-loft" technology is very different than other Sandtrapper styles. The SL option is constructed with thinner, low-denier polyester fibers and a lightweight binder. The product is thicker than other Sandtrapper styles, replacing heavier weight with greater fiber count. Sandtrapper SL is less compressive-resistant than the balance of the Sandtrapper line-up.

The new high-loft or soft-loft style provides a low-cost option for those looking to have solid, baseline performance against washouts and sand contamination. With soft-loft technologies, the ratio of fibers to binder increases while the lightweight binder provides a more flexible matrix.

Direct and proper product comparisons show that tensile strength is greater than competitive products while basic product characteristics such as thickness fall within the same parameters.

Compression Resistance 

It has long been the philosophy of Sandtrapper product developers that the integrity of the three dimensional matrix is the single most important performance characteristic. The lightweight fibers and binders compress on the load of just a few inches of sand. 

Without the matrix intact, sand particles cannot be constrained as well as with other Sandtrapper styles. Water dynamics will force sand particles into an active state during rain events, increasing the occurrences of washouts. For this purpose, Sandtrapper SL should be used in bunkers with shallow, less severe slopes.

- Color: White
- Weight: 70lbs/roll
- Thickness: 25mm
- Fiber Type: Polyester
- Binder: Cross-Linking Non Soluble
- Area Per Roll - 56": 104.5m²