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SandTrapper II

Best In The Industry

In project settings where performance is paramount, Sandtrapper II is your only choice. Where heavy weather is a constant factor or seasonal conditions unleash large amounts of precipitation, Sandtrapper II insures your bunkers from washouts and contamination.


SandTrapper IIExtreme Applications

Sandtrapper II utilizes heavy synthetic fibers and a rigid binder system to create a matrix that will not compact. This allows sand to be held in place and provides high performance over the long haul. No other product in the industry can compare. Some may try, but take a look and feel for yourself, it’s obvious, Sandtrapper II is built to perform. 

Dramatic, high-flashed bunkers are common in many of today’s TOP 100 Modern Courses. The extreme nature of these aesthetic hazards can wreak havoc on maintenance budgets. With Sandtrapper II, maintenance is significantly reduced and Superintendents have more money to spend on other important course features.


For many, the choice is easy -- use the best available product and get what you pay for. In fact, over eighty percent of all Sandtrapper installations, facilities have made that very decision.

Sandtrapper II is also used with other Sandtrapper products in hybrid configurations. It is used along the high-flashed areas and carried into the drainage system. Sandtrapper MD or Sandtrapper I are then used to line the remainder of the bunker.

- Color: Opaque
- Weight: 75lbs/roll
- Thickness: 15mm
- Fiber Type: Polyester
- Binder: Cross-Linking Non Soluble
- Area Per Roll - 56": 52.02m²