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SandTrapper I

The Standard of Affordability

For those facilities that have less severe bunker designs, Sandtrapper I delivers solid control and is an extremely affordable choice. As with both styles II and MD, it’s great for fighting sand contamination and offers long term protection.

When Sandtrapper I was first developed, the design parameters were set to create a mid-level range of product characteristics. The lighter synethic fibers and more flexible binder create a tight matrix. This combination is great for controlling sand contamination and preventing washouts in these less demanding settings. The lighter construction keeps cost to a minimum, making it a good budget choice. Affordable, however, doen’t mean cheap. Sandtrapper I carries the same great manufacturing as the rest of the product line, delivering solid performance over the long haul.

Great For Moderate ApplicationsSandTrapper 1
Many courses lack the severe designs or have bunkers with little or no sand flashing. Even in cases where bunker slopes are gradual, washouts and contamination can occur. These moderate settings, paired with lower precipitation climates, create a need for affordable protection. In these situations, Sandtrapper I is the perfect choice. Effectively controlling washouts and sand contamination, the lighter matrix creates the right balance of protection and cost.

Sandtrapper I is used as a great complimentary product to the more robust product styles. The cost advantages make it the sensible option for the base of the bunker, where little slope exists. Where the design is moderate and precipitation levels are less, lining the entire bunker with this style is recommended. In hybrid configurations, Sandtrapper I should be implemented from the toe of the slope through and amongst the drainage lines. Many allow this style to cover the drainage lines for additional protection from contamination.

- Color: White
- Weight: 70lbs/roll
- Thickness: 7mm
- Fiber Type: Polyester
- Binder: Cross-Linking Non Soluble
- Area Per Roll - 56": 104.5m²