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Ninja Tines

The Ninja Tines are machined from a single piece of the finest Japanese Steel. The one-piece construction and design offers surpassing reliability and longevity. Ninja’s have a unique shape with dual tips that wear evenly and have proven very durable CNC machined from the finest Japanese steel with no loose or moving parts. Ninja Tines offer one of the smallest bores around for fast recovery.

The Ninja Tine is now available to customers in South East Asia from Sports Turf Solutions. Measuring a mere 7mm in diameter, just over a quarter of an inch (.275’’), the Ninja is ready to meet your green aeration needs. Core diameter on the tine is only 4mm (.157”) meaning that greens are immediately available for play. Just blow off the sand and you’re ready to go!

How Ninja Tines are Used Globally:

United States : At one high end course on the West Coast, the 4mm tines are used to mainly remove thatch, with only about one inch of penetration. Sand is blown off and play resumes immediately afterwards. In another course with push up greens, the 4mm tines lasted 54 holes!

Australia : Ninja 4mm tines were used on many USGA spec greens at a two inch penetration. All lasted more than 9 holes, which was equal to or better than existing 6mm bore tines from the competition.

Japan: In Japan where the Ninja Tines have been regularly used for aeration, most of the tines last 18 holes, comparable to most 6mm side tines.

Vietnam : In Vietnam where the Ninja Tines have been regularly used for aeration of the top root zone, the tines will cover an area of 1.5 Hectares at a spacing of 1.5 inches.