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Floradox Pro

Floradox Pro


Designed as a defensive shield against turfgrass stress, Floradox Pro provides the building blocks to generate defensive and recuperative proteins. These defensive proteins are key to a plant’s ability to withstand stress, heal wounds and recover from injury.
Floradox Pro contains a minimum amount of primary nutrients while focusing on carbon-based precursors for promoting maximum cellular strength and resistance to mechanical and other stresses

Enhances cellular and tissue strength
Increases turf’s defensive stress tolerance with powerful amino acid package
Expedites injury recovery

Total Nitrogen (N): 2.00%
2.00% Urea Nitrogen
Available Phosphate (P2O5): 2.00%
Soluble Potash (K2O) : 3.00%
Derived from urea and monopotassium phosphate. 

Foliar: Apply with any equipment that delivers a fine, even spray mist to the target area utilizing 02-04 tips for a total spray volume of 200-350 L/ha. Do not water in. Wait at least 2 hours to irrigate.
Soil: Apply with any equipment that delivers an even coverage to the targeted area. Lightly water in to move material into the root zone.

Apply at a rate of 10 L/ha every 10-14 days. As stress increases, a rate of 20 L/ha is appropriate.

Floradox Pro is tank mix compatible with many systemic fungicides, insecticides and nutrient solutions. Jar test when in doubt. For best mixing results, remove tank strainer prior to product addition.