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Express Dual 2000 Reel Grinder

New dimension in reel blade sharpening - economy, speed and simplicity

The Express Dual 2000 offers multiple choices at a competitive price - all with the unparalleled speed, accuracy and performance of the famous EXPRESS DUAL system.
When the Express Dual 2000 is used in tandem with the Anglemaster 1000 bottom blade grinder, these affordable machines provide a complete inhouse facility for the grinding of cylinder mowers at high speed and at minimum cost.
Accuracy of Express Dual system. Made to meet your budget needs.

  • Rigid, tortionally robust chassis
  • Fast turnaround (Greens unit: from as little as 5 mins. Fairway unit: 12 mins floor-to-floor)
  • Automatic traverse
  • Super safe, self-aligning, torqued controls

CE compliant guard with safety interlock. Rigid and robust chassis design.

Simple controls allow balanced, consistent grinding every time.

Universal mounting: Multifix brackets and front roller V brackets for quick and efficient clamping options.

OPTIONAL: Bernhard patented 250kg capacity Lift Table is ergonomically designed for operator safety.

  • Precision machine for spin grinding reels in-frame up to 36” long.
  • Weight: 814ilbs (370kg).
  • Size: 66” W x 41” D x 54” H (1770 x 1086 x 1373 mm).
  • Width and depth include clearance for control panel.
  • Optional Lift Table adds 12½"; (312mm) closed front 36" (915mm) open.
  • Where specified, guard adds 25” (640mm) to height when open.