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Angle Master 4500

The new Anglemaster 4500 is the fully connected bedknife sharpening solution from Bernhard and Company.

It provides a fully customisable platform for your bedknife sharpening needs – giving you flexibility on how, what and the way you sharpen.

Intuitive graphical touchscreen controls

Variable speed auto-traverse system with smooth direction change

Consistency and accuracy guaranteed with contactless RFID technology

A new control system adaptable to your preferred method of working

- 7.5" screen menu grinding programme: New responsive screen providing grinding selection for precision, consistency with options of grinding methods

- Contactless RFID technology allows recall of previous set-ups and different users

- Wireless handset providing intuitive commands for quicker setup

- Automatic in-feed

- The latest innovations provide more effective sharpening

- New main grind motor offers variable speed, allows you to match the right stone for the right blade

- Direct drive – Fast and precise mounting bar rotation accurate to 0.5°

- Redesigned blade mounting bar with tri-magnet design for quick and consistent setup

- Variable speed auto-traverse system with smooth direction change

- LED lighting for bright and clear visibility

- Scratch resistant viewing panel

- Remote service module for support and customer care

- Robust soft-closing storage drawers