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Angle Master 1000 Bedknife Grinder

Designed specifically for mower service facilities with more restricted resources, who appreciate the considerable benefits of an in-house grinding facility.

The Anglemaster 1000, supplied with a support frame, will prove an invaluable tool in the workshop.

This dry grind machine is highly accurate and easy to operate. When Anglemaster 1000 is used in tandem with Express Dual 2000 reel grinder, these very affordable machines provide a complete in-house facility for the grinding of reel mowers at high speed and at minimum cost.

  • Precision machine for straight line grinding bedknives up to 40" long on both faces at any specified angle
  • Weight: 367lbs (167kg)
  • Size: 65” L x 28” W x 55” H (1650 x 755 x 1390mm)
  • Where specified allow 22” (562mm) height for guard when open. Width includes reqired clearance at rear of machine