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Toro roller versus Tru-Turf roller

Toro roller versus Tru-Turf roller

1.  Toro only uses two rollers in their smoothing heads, versus our patented triple head smoothing roller.  Tru-turf abandoned the dual head roller a long time ago, as the patented triple head system works so much better without line creasing.

2.  Tru-Turf rollers offer an optional aeration slicer on the RB48-11A basic roller, and standard on the RS48-11E roller.  There is no slicer available on the Toro roller.

3.  Toro has an adjustable seat which sounds good, until you realize that it changes the turf pressure, and the roller balance.

4.  Toro uses inferior hydraulic hoses instead of solid hydraulic lines.  Much greater chance of oil leakage.

5.  Toro uses an inferior hitch lifting system.  Much more clumsy than our pivoting hitch system which operates smoothly for changing from rolling to towing and back.

6.  Tru-Turf uses a heavy duty coupler between the engine and the hydrostatic transmission.

7.  Tru-Turf has a patented system for flexing our roller heads, no one else can use our design.  Toro tried to copy our system, and had patent infringement issues.

8.  Our steering joystick is easier to use versus a steering wheel.  Because the steering wheel only moves slightly, the joystick gives better steering control. Notice that zero turn mowers also use joysticks instead of steering wheels.

9.  The Tru-turf roller is used for all the major tournament events, including the Masters, the Opens, and the Presidents cup in Australia, just to name a few, and is the only roller endorsed by the PGA.  The Tru-Turf roller is used all over the world in Europe, Australia, North and South America, and Asia.

10.  Our patented swivel head triple roll design is far superior for rolling greens, especially on undulations and hillsides. The smoothing roller frame is welded to the underside of the body frame and cannot flex and float like the Tru-turf roller.

11.  Tru-Turf uses a stainless steel tank for a hydraulic reservoir.

12.  Tru-Turf uses stainless steel bearings and an extra seal in our smoothing rollers.

13.  Toro started making rollers in 2011, much less experience versus Tru-Turf. Original was invented back in the 70’s PM’s comment