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Terra Spike XP

Aerify up to 16" deep

- The TERRA SPIKE® XP is used on golf greens, tees, fairways, and athletic fields with working depths of up to 16".
- High performance and excellent working quality, user friendly setup, technical reliability, and high durability are the outstanding features of the XP. 
- The SYSTEM TERRA SPIKE® offers a wide range of tools and attachments.  The TERRA SPIKE® XP can be extended to a multifunctional machine which can be used throughout the whole year.

Individual adjustment
of the loosening angle to ground conditions, tool-free from 90° to 65°.

Fast tine replacement
with QuickFit, the simple tine fitting and removal system.

Protection against damage
VibraStop/PowerPack form an efficient damping system to prevent jolting and vibration.

Tool-free adjustment
of the tine angle and the working depth with the QuickSet feature.