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Terra Spike SL

Aerify up to 8" deep on greens and tees

- It weighs approximately 1050 pounds and can go down to an 8” depth.
- This machine can be attached to a small 30 horsepower tractor.  The width of the SL is 55”.
- With the higher productivity of the Terra Spike SL and the speed of moving from green to green with a small tractor, one machine should be all that is needed to complete your greens aerification in less than a day.
- The Terra Spike SL features the same innovative technology that is found in the Terra Spike family, thus making it the fastest deep tine on the market.
- The Terra Spike SL can be fitted with a variety of both solid and coring tines.
- Depth and angle entry adjustments on all Terra Spikes are easily performed with just a turn of a hand crank or a socket wrench at one central location. 

The exclusive VibraStop system protects the driver and the tractor from vibrations and helps protect the linkage when hitting an object, such as a rock. VibraStop meets all requirements of the EU Directive 78/764/EEC with respect to whole body vibrations. Vibrations that affect the operator are significantly reduced by the VibraStop system.

The TERRA SPIKE SL is equipped with exchangeable tine holders. The tine heads can be rapidly exchanged with only one screw. Standard equipment for the machine includes tine heads for tines with 1/2" (12 mm) shanks. Tine heads for top ejecting coring tines are available as an option.

The exclusive TwinDrive symmetrically drives the power from both sides of the continuous crankshaft, thus eliminating any timing issues. If harmful load peaks occur while working, such as when a tine strikes a stone, the special v-ribbed belt on either side absorbs the impact. The encapsulated drive is securely protected from dust and dirt.

The stable, computer optimized crankshaft is supported by large maintenance free sealed bearings. The gearbox has been moved forward in order to optimize the position of the center of gravity.

The working depth is rapidly and correctly adjusted with a crank, without other tools. The heave angle is centrally adjustable with the supplied tool. The working depth and the heave angle are easily readable on a large scale.

Turf retainer
The optional turf retainer prevents damage to turf with poor roots. The turf retainer has been designed to match tine spacing.