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SM888 Rotary Fairway Mower


SHIBAURA original concept ”Beautiful cut by minimize power”
- Reduce production cost to make available the comparable retail price.
- Non-depending on operator’s skill. Anyone can operate it without scalping.
- Cutting width will be 90 inch (22 inch per a unit) and cutting height is 20 – 95mm.
- To make maintenance easily, the every mower deck can flip up.
- Many types of optional blades.


New designed rotary deck
Special low resistance blade
Anti-scalp function
-Anti-scalp disc
-Original designed guard plate to control the direction of turf flaying off
-Deeper deck to prevent the staking
(keep the enough width during cutting lower height)


Original cutting height adjusting system
- Mounted 3 points of adjustment per a unit(deck)
- Spacer fixed on a bolt (prevent lucking off)
- Adjustable by the number of spacer

Arm guide
- Easy to maintenance by flipping up almost 90 degree the both sides of decks.

- Easy to moving by fitting of confines  of vehicle width.

Pedal location
- New HST system

- Lighter tread pressure and easy-use pedal by new designed HST link system
- Break pedal located on left side to use the both pedals at same time (separated from HST pedal)