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SandTrapper MD

A New Level of Value

Sandtrapper MD combines high performance and affordability, addressing those needs where budgets are paramount. Utilizing Sandtrapper’s proven technical assets, MD shares the critical performance characteristics of it’s top-of-the-line product, Sandtrapper II. In cases where budgets are limited, Sandtrapper MD is the right choice.

SandTrapper MD

Unbeatable Performance

Sandtrapper MD doesn’t replace the premium Sandtrapper II product. MD augments the product line-up by adding an important tier that competes directly with other products in the market. Sandtrapper MD outperforms other alternatives, has greater resistance to compaction, and a matrix that will keep sand on steep bunker slopes. It’s designed to work in bunker applications where slopes are moderate to extreme. Its affordability lends itself to lining an entire bunker for top performance.


The use of Sandtrapper MD varies by facility and geography. In most cases, lining an entire bunker is the preferred method. Sandtrapper II can be installed on the extreme parts of the bunker slopes with Sandtrapper MD then used to line the remainder, from the edge of Sandtrapper II into the drainage and base of the bunker. Having these product choices puts the flexibility and control into the hands of the professional, tailoring each installation for the application at hand.

- Color: White
- Weight: 100lbs/roll
- Thickness: 14mm
- Fiber Type: Polyester
- Binder: Cross-Linking Non Soluble
- Area Per Roll - 56": 104.5m²