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G-EXE 22/26 Walk-Behind Greens Mower

Three reasons for choosing G-EXE

Adjustable cut length (3.5,4.5,5.1,6.5mm)
By adjusting the machine's speed (High/Low) and reel rotation speed (by changing position of the large and small pulleys), the machine can easily be configured to your turf conditions and individual requirements.

Lightest weight in its class (78Kgs)
Its lightweight body and easy operation enables any groundkeeper to effortlessly carry out routine work.

Exclusive off-set moving system
Simply by changing the angle of the bedknife and height of the cutting point, you can achieve the surface you've always wanted.
Without any damage to the green, it is possible to create beautiful, striped patterns or tournament grade low cut grass.



- Length: 1100mm
- Width: 970mm [G-EXE22] | 1055mm [G-EXE26]
- Height: 1050mm
- Weight: 78Kg [G-EXE22] | 83Kg [G-EXE26]

- Type: Air-cooled 4 cycle OHC gasoline engine
- Displacement: 126cc
- Gross horsepower: 3.2kW (4.5PS)/ 4000rpm
- Fuel tank capacity: 2.7L
- Spark plug: BPR2HS

- Mowing speed: L: 4.3Km/h ; H: 5.5Km/h (3000rpm)
- Width of cut: 557mm [G-EXE22] | 643.5mm [G-EXE26]
- Capacity: 2100~3400 m2/h [G-EXE22] | 2650~3950m2/h [G-EXE26]
- Height of cut: 3~29mm

- Reel diameter: 123mm
- Number of blades: 9 or 11
- Bedknife: 3.5mm (Head 2mm)
- Ground clearance: STD Large tire: 57mm