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Angle Master 3000MC Bedknife Grinder


New Anglemaster 3000MC bedknife grinder from Bernhard offers speed and accuracy with simple mechanical control at a price and specification to suit your requirements. Applying Bernhard’s approach of using a simple protractor with ‘auto-cue’ to find any desired angle, bedknives can be sharpened to within one thousandth of an inch. Independent end-feed and a single point advance make this the easiest bedknife grinder on the market. Central grind position helps to minimize errors.

  • Simple to set up and use
  • Grinds bedknives up to 40" long
  • Operator panel with tactile colour coded function buttons
  • Unique digital angle setting and readout of current and desired angles with auto-cue for simple operation
  • Heavy-duty robust construction prevents flexing
  • Improved safety enclosure — better dust and noise containment

The Anglemaster safety compliant guarding system cuts down on noise and pollution.

Unique auto-cue angle-finder. to aid easy set up of desired grinding angles

Toro™ DPA bracket included. with comprehensive set of tools and brackets

Diamond dresser swings into use without repositioning the grind head.

Precision machine for straight line grinding bedknives up to 40" long on both faces at any specified angle

Weight: 700lbs (318kg)

Size: 80” L x 36½” W x 55” H (2036 x 925 x 1390mm)

Length and width include clearance for swing of control column

Where specified allow 75” (1900mm) height for guard when open