Turf Grasses

In 2013, Sports Turf Solutions made the decision to build a state of the art Turf Farm utilizing all of it’s own resources and to ensure Golf Course and Sports Turf Facilities were supplied with pure certified varieties of Zoysia and Bermuda Grasses. Being local means we stand by each client and take full responsibility for the supply, planting, establishment and ongoing maintenance of each project.

Sports Turf Solutions is the Licensee and Grower of Certified Zeon Zoysia, a turf grass variety from BladeRunner Farms in Texas, USA under Team Zoysia International. Zeon Zoysia is a low maintenance turf grass variety for use on Golf Course Tees, Fairways and Roughs as well as Sports Fields and Landscape environments. It has unique playability features and utilizes up to 75% less water and nutrients than other varieties of grasses.

We are also the Certified Grower Tif Eagle Bermuda Grass which is the world’s leading warm season turf grass for Golf Course Greens. STS have licensed Tif Eagle Bermuda under the University of Georgia Research Foundation. Tif Eagle is recognized mostly for it’s fine textured leaf and purity.

Our farms are located at Laem Chabang International Golf Course and in the Ram Intra region of Thailand.

STS is also a Certified Grower under the International Turfgrass Genetic Assurance Program (ITGAP) was developed and designed to: Provide a mechanism for University and privately developed turfgrass varieties to be propagated and distributed worldwide while maintaining variety identity, purity and freedom from other crops and perennial grasses and weeds. Inspections are carried out each year by Certified Inspectors to ensure each plot of turf is pure from all perennial contaminations and any infestations.

Sports Turf Solutions also specializes is all logistic requirements to Export and Import grasses to most countries throughout Asia and the Middle East.