Tif Eagle

Released by internationally recognized USDA/ARS plant geneticist Dr. Wayne Hanna, TifEagle is the third generation of bermudagrass varieties developed exclusively for golf greens at the Coastal Plains Experiment Station in Tifton GA. Just as Tifdwarf replaced Tifgreen 328 as the standard for putting greens over the last three decades, TifEagle promises to set an even higher standard for the 21st century.

Based on careful evaluation at university research stations since 1988, and beginning in 1996 at golf course locations from Florida to the desert Southwest, TifEagle has proven to be a premier putting surface with a number of unique advantages for golf course superintendents. Rightly or wrongly, much of a superintendent's reputation rides on the quality of his or her greens. It takes an intense management program to deliver the putting speed and consistency even club players are beginning to demand. Traditional grasses, and even many of the new superdwarfs, just can't stand up to the physical stress produced by the lower mowing heights and frequent verticuttings which are used to control thatch build-up.

TifEagle can, and we've got the research to back it up. TifEagle also recovers more quickly from mechanical injury, has better color, and is extremely cold-hardy, drought-tolerant and disease-resistant. Whether you're involved with the repair or restoration of existing greens or installing an entire new course, insist on the best. Insist on TifEagle.