Associated Partners

Sports Turf Solutions has aligned itself with strategic partners to help ensure the correct technical advice is provided for all clients in a broad range of environments. Every golf course is different and getting the right advise from the get go is to ensure each and every project is successful.


Bladerunner Farms

Bladerunner Farms is the world’s largest privately owned Zoysia grass and Buffalo grass research and development facility. A family owned and operated business, Bladerunner Farms is run by David and Sheri Doguet, and their three sons: David, Jr., Darin and Daric. Bladerunner Farms develops grasses that are licensed to quality sod farms all over the world. The Bladerunner Farms facility also grows sod for sale from the farm located in Poteet, Texas.

The grasses developed by Bladerunner Farms are some of the most advanced, environmentally friendly, drought tolerant grasses available on the market today for use on home lawns, golf courses and sports fields.


Team Zoysia

Team Zoysia™ was established as an affiliation of producers, scientists, Golf Course Superintendents, equipment manufacturers and distributors that are committed to the customer who chooses to have and use superior zoysiagrass on their facility 

Team Zoysia™ is about developing relationships within the turf industry to fully support the utilization and management of zoysiagrass as a sustainable turf. Zoysiagrasses are being rightfully recognized for their superior adaptability to a wide variety of uses such as golf courses, sports fields and lawns while requiring minimal cultural inputs. The newest and most advanced zoysiagrass varieties may now be used for not only beautiful managed open spaces and sports facilities, but also for challenging sites that require bioremediation or turf that can survive in marginal climates or soil types From product quality and availability; education on appropriate cultural practices; identification and selection of equipment and products used for establishment, maintenance and long term care; the members of Team Zoysia are committed to providing the best products, information and support to the Customer. 



The International Turfgrass Genetic Assurance Program (ITGAP) is a quality assurance program that monitors production sites worldwide to ensure that turfgrasses are grown, inspected, and sold under a rigorous set of rules and guidelines. We all know that certified turfgrasses are proven performers. ITGAP protects the purity of those grasses against contamination, weeds, and other crops during production. The result is:

  • high quality,
  • consistency of performance, and
  • confidence in your golf course, for the long term.

ITGAP was championed by Dr. Earl Elsner, John Hope, and Terry Hollifield in 2000 and instituted by the Georgia Crop Improvement Association.