MG70 Ride-on Greens Mower


Description of MG70

The Ride-on Greens Mower MG70 provides the experienced operator with comfort and superb performance to ensure perfect greens.

We offer precision at the lightest weight, satisfying every requirement of golf course professionals.


  • The combined effect of its new light-weight design and 19 inch-wide tires minimizes ground pressure (0.58kg/cm2).
  • Reel swing-out system for easy maintenance and easy operation of center reel.
  • Fully open engine hood for easy maintenance and repair.
  • A high-lift reel mechanism and compact size enables the MG70G to move around smoothly with a tight turning radius.
  • The world's first Offset Moving System for a wide variety of turf situations: adjustable clearance between bedknife and reel (offset) by changing the bedknife angles.